Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Living With Energy!

Last night I was working in the store until 12:15 AM (I suppose that makes it this morning….) re-arranging and making the entry a bit more “charming”. I went home and enjoyed a delicious pizza (our gluten free Ziemer Tradition that we make) with my daughter Jenna and hung out with Roger II and his adorable GF (teen lingo for girl friend) until 1 am. As my husband and 4 younger girls were off camping for the night, I read until 1:30 AM and decided to sleep. Finally, a night of uninterrupted sleep. BUT I was awake by 5:30! I was just too DARN excited about another great day and….I HAD TOO MUCH ENERGY! What better day to teach the energy class than today! (if I am still awake..)

Come join us for our monthly presentation Living with Energy Tonight at 6:30 PM! ALL YOUTH 18 and younger FREE! Everyone else is a whopping $5.00. See you then! GREEN drinks provided afterwards. THREE flavors………yum!

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